Welcome to Oregon Music Festival, an international gathering of musicians in celebration of music. Set in Portland, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the festival reflects Oregon's long tradition of synergistic coexistence between man, art and nature. This alliance is reflected in every aspect of the festival: from programming, to governance, artistic leadership and educational activities.

OMF's primary focus is symphonic music and even though this first season our educational program, Orpheus Academy takes the front seat, the future will host a more expanded program of concerts for symphony orchestra.. With the desire to create a meaningful context, the future festivals will offer a wide scope of complimentary events such as recitals, lectures, chamber music concerts and discussion groups. There will also be unique opportunities for collaboration between local and international musicians as well as between the accomplished mentors and younger musicians -- something that is happening already this first season. Music aficionado will be pleased to experience outstanding soloists and conductors from abroad and home performing repertoire that includes not only the great classics but also works of new and lesser known composers. .

The Festival's artistic policy is unique in that it is driven by a group of outstanding international artists -- the Artistic Collegium -- who participate on many levels in the shaping and offerings of the festival. At the helm of the Collegium is the Artistic Director whose vision guides the creative energies of the group. Our concertmaster is world-renowned violinist Birgit Kolar -- former concertmaster of Vienna Symphony. OMF's educational program (Orpheus Academy) includes several notable artists including violinist Alyssa Park and clarinetist Dimitri Ashkenazy.

OMF's general design and goals are to present each year a spectrum of complementary works with a core emphasis on one or more composers. As an annual event, each festival is thematically unified -- tying together featured works with their counterparts in their historical or philosophical context.

The festival is governed and supported by Oregonians who recognize the need for quality summer-time artistic enrichment and who understand the enormous power that such an event has on the quality-of-life of the region. OMF's goal is to create a positive economic impact as it offers employment to musicians, managers, and the myriad of associated businesses involved in the production of the festival.

It is for these artistic, spiritual and economic reasons that we see and appreciate Oregon Music Festival as an important regional player.

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